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Resource Name:Human Development and Sustainability
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Short Desc:UNDP Human Development Research paper by Eric Neumayer, Professor of Economics and Political Science in London. Neumayer presents a proposal on how "human development and its measurement in the form of the Human Development Index (HDI) can be linked with measures of both weak and strong sustainability. Weak sustainability is built on the assumption that different forms of capital are substitutable, whereas strong sustainability rejects the notion of substitutability for certain critical forms of natural capital." Neumayer identifies as a critical challenge for the future, the need to "break the link between high human development and strongly unsustainable damage to natural capital." The overlaps with the social-ecological component of the Sustainability Framework are interesting on first observation. It's also interesting to note that researchers interested in sustainability circle around similar concepts and measures, even when coming from vastly different fields (i.e. Political Science vs. Public Health; Economics vs. Community Development).
Resource Date:06-Aug-10
Contact Person:Eric Sarriot
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