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Resource Name:Les pressions exercées par l’abolition du paiement des soins sur les systèmes de santé
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Resource Type:Article
Short Desc:The abolition of User Fees in the health sector removes a critical barrier to health care for the recipient population and this is laudable. But what does it do to the health system which is already quite weak and dysfunctional without a modest injection of outside funds in place of the user fees? WHO undertook a scoping study to identify the effects of User Fees abolition in several countries. Evidence show that utilization of health services generally increased, especially among the poorest. However the increased demand for services has strained human resources and logistics and led to negative outcomes in some cases. While Abolition policies (of User Fees) are a positive step towards increasing utilization and equity in countries evidence suggests it has potential to disrupt the building blocks of the health system (e.g. human resources and drugs/supplies) especially where these depended on the user fees.
Resource Date:01-Jan-10
Contact Person:Valéry Ridde, Emilie Robert et Bruno Meessen
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