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Resource Name:Assessing Provincial and District Health System Capacity to Sustain HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment Services—A Literature Review
File:click to download: Final_Provincial_and_District_Health_System_Capacity_Lit_Review-CEDARS.doc
Resource Type:Article
Short Desc:This literature review supports the effort to strengthen analytical approaches to assess provincial and district health system capacities to support HIV services by providing a rationale for the inclusion of selected core domains of assessment, and by identifying certain methodologies and contextual factors to consider when designing the assessment tool. The authors reviewed more than 40 sources on health systems strengthening, specifically for HIV services and other relevant areas, and discussed related issues with health systems experts (Annexes 1 and 2). The findings and recommendations gleaned from this review are summarized in this document. This literature review lays a solid foundation for developing a rapid assessment tool on provincial and district health system capacity to sustain HIV care and treatment services.
Resource Date:31-Dec-10
Contact Person:Ilona Varallyay
Related Topics:  Track 1: Sustain. in Community Health
 Community Capacity
 Health systems financing
 Health systems strengthening
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