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Resource Name:State of Sustainability Planning & Evaluation in Community Health (RECORDING)
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Short Desc:IntraHealth hosted a “brown bag” event on Thursday, April 21st in collaboration with SHOUT. Eric Sarriot presented a 1.5 hour session in 3 sections: [1] Current Thinking / Understanding Sustainability Thinking Within A Complex System Approach; [2] Rapid Review of Recent Retrospective and Prospective Sustainability Evaluations in Primary Health Care (Nepal, Bangladesh, Guinea; and [3] Sustainability Framework 101: a rapid review of * planning and * M&E using the Sustainability Framework. The first part starts after the first 7 minutes of introduction. Thanks to IntraHealth for this initiative, for lively discussions and providing the recording of the Elluminate session!
Resource Date:21-Apr-11
Contact Person:Eric Sarriot
Related Topics:  Track 1: Sustain. in Community Health
 Track 3: Complex Systems
 Health Outcomes
 Health systems strengthening
 Health/Basic Services
 Human Development
 Maternal and Child Health
 Organizational Capacity
 Organizational Viability
 Political participation