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Resource Name:Assessing a Community's Capacity to Manage Change: A Resilience Approach to Social Assessment
File:click to download: Community_Capacity_to_manage_change--Resilience_appoach_to_social_assessment.pdf
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Short Desc:By Maguire and Cartwright of the Austrailian Government Bureau of Rural Services. This document discusses the relationships between vulnerabilities (the components which may weaken a community’s ability to respond adaptively to a change), adaptive capacity (the resources and ability of a community to cope with change) and social resilience (the ability of a community to adaptively respond to change rather than simply returning to a pre-existing state). The framework points to measures of resilience that identify the capacity of communities and industries to adapt to changes in the availability, access or allocation of water. These social and economic measures of resilience can be integrated with biophysical information to identify communities and industries that are less resilient to changes in water availability.
Resource Date:01-May-08
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