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Resource Name:Assessment of Existing Food Security and Vulnerability Mapping Systems and the Adverse Effects of Rising Food Prices on Children and Women in the Middle East and North African Region: Final Summary Report
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Short Desc:The food price crisis in the Middle East and Northern Africa region particularly affected populations who were already food insecure and dependent on resource transfer programs as well as those living ‘on the edge’ and vulnerable to slight shocks to their fragile livelihoods. Findings from the two country studies on Morocco and Djibouti highlight the difficulties that food insecure and vulnerable populations face due to the global food price crisis. Morocco and Djibouti likely represent two ends of the spectrum of food insecurity across the MENA Region. Both countries felt the consequences of the global food price crisis, though Djibouti was more adversely affected. In both cases, though, the price increases were felt at the household level, even among more food secure social strata, forcing consumers to make hard choices on food consumption and other basic livelihood expenditures. And also in both cases, the necessary data were not available determine what were the specific impacts on the livelihoods of each country’s food insecure and vulnerable populations. This summary report documents some of the ways different countries have tried to mitigate the effects of the food crisis in the short term. In the longer term, the MENA countries will need to find ways to coordinate an overall food security strategy able to address many of the structural difficulties the regions faces, such as critical water shortage and inefficient agriculture. This report identifies the need for concerted, concrete, and coordinated action by governments and other development actors in order to improve the future of food security in the MENA region and provides specific recommendations for UNICEF’s role in addressing this crisis as well as a list of further studies, which would advance efforts to build food security and protect vulnerable groups in the region.
Resource Date:23-Nov-11
Contact Person:Eric Sarriot
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