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Resource Name:Excellent publication on 'Capacity, Change and Performance.'
Link URL:click to view:$FILE/05-59B-e-Study%20_Report%2029%20may.pdf
Resource Type:Report
Short Desc:Link to one of the most thorough and forward looking document on Capacity, its nature and its development, including--but not exclusively--through the lens of complex adaptive systems. Full of examples, it combines thorough theoretical thinking and practical applications. The reference list is excellent. A must read in my view.
Resource Date:12-Feb-12
Contact Person:Eric Sarriot
Related Topics:  Track 1: Sustain. in Community Health
 Track 2: Global Challenges (food sec, adapt, GCC)
 Track 3: Complex Systems
 Community Capacity
 Global Development
 Health systems strengthening
 Organizational Capacity
 Organizational Viability