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Resource Name:Sustainability Planning Training of Trainers Manual
Project:Technical Assistance on Sustainability Planning to HealthPartners Uganda
File:click to download: Sustainability_Planning_Training_of_Trainers_Manual.pdf
Resource Type:Tool
Short Desc:CEDARS developed this manual for use by the HealthPartners’ USAID-supported Health Collaborations Project recently launched in southwestern Uganda. It was designed as a Training of Trainers intervention for staff of local NGOs and focuses on enhancing their understanding of the sustainability framework (SF)put forth in the ‘Taking the Long View’ Manual and also building their capacity to apply this approach from the project outset. The key objective is to help HealthPartners plan and manage its interventions by thinking systematically of the essential components that will support the long-term maintenance of positive health outcomes and dynamic, self-sustaining co-ops. Using a mix of adult learning methodologies, this curriculum guides the project team through the first steps of the SF approach: 1) System Situational Analysis 2) Visioning and Developing a Sustainability Scenario, 3) Local System Assessment: Defining the Indicators and Goals and also 4) Developing a data dashboard. As the Health Collaborations project focuses on building the sustainability of local community-owned health cooperatives, the framework has been adapted to such a project, but can easily be tailored to other contexts and programs. This manual is accompanied by a file of complementary handouts. The CEDARS team is available to assist in adapting these resources to other contexts.
Resource Date:22-Mar-12
Contact Person:Ilona Varallyay
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