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Resource Name:Facilitator’s Manual for Sustainability Planning Workshop for Co-ops
Project:Technical Assistance on Sustainability Planning to HealthPartners Uganda
File:click to download: Facilitator's_Manual_for_Sustainability_Planning_Workshop_for_Co-ops.pdf
Resource Type:Tool
Short Desc:CEDARS developed this manual in collaboration with the HealthPartners Uganda team as a supplemental resource in rolling out the ‘Taking the Long View’ Manual Sustainability Framework (SF) approach with their newly formed community-owned health cooperatives under the USAID-supported Health Collaborations Project. This resource adapts the SF concepts and approaches for community-level application with health cooperative stakeholders and provides guidance to NGO staff on to guide theses community groups in implementing the first steps of the SF approach: 1) System Situational Analysis 2) Visioning and Developing a Sustainability Scenario, and 3) Local System Assessment: Defining the Goals. Similar to the TOT Manual, this tool uses a mix of adult learning methodologies to encourage active involvement of the participants. As the Health Collaborations project focuses on building the sustainability of local community-owned health cooperatives, the framework has been adapted to such a project, but can easily be tailored to other contexts and programs. The CEDARS team is available to assist in adapting these resources to other contexts.
Resource Date:22-Mar-12
Contact Person:Ilona Varallyay
Related Topics:  Track 1: Sustain. in Community Health
 Civil Society
 Community Capacity
 Health Outcomes
 Health systems strengthening
 Health/Basic Services
 Organizational Capacity