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Resource Name:Peak Oil and Health in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Impacts and Potential Responses (Winch, 2011)
File:click to download: Peak_Oil_and_Health_Winch_PJ_AJPH_2011_(2).pdf
Resource Type:Article
Short Desc:Peak oil refers to the predicted peak and subsequent decline in global production of petroleum products over the coming decades. We describe how peak oil will affect health, nutrition, and health systems in low- and middle-income countries along 5 pathways. The negative effects of peak oil on health and nutrition will be felt most acutely in the 58 low-income countries experiencing minimal or negative economic growth because of their patterns of sociopolitical, geographic, and economic vulnerability. The global health community needs to take additional steps to build resilience among the residents of low- and middle-income countries and maintain access to maternal and other health services in the face of predicted changes in availability and price of fossil fuels.
Resource Date:21-Sep-12
Contact Person:ilona
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