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Resource Name:Building local learning systems in community development efforts (health, food security, livelihood, risk mitigation) to support social capital formation and local resilience
File:click to download: How_to_build_a_Learning_System_in_development_work_3-8-20132.pdf
Resource Type:Article
Short Desc:Discussion paper: Whether development projects focus on health, food security, livelihood or risk mitigation against environmental threats such as global climate change, they face the challenge of sustainability. Many of these challenges are fairly similar across the sectors. Our question is thus, when working at local/community level and regardless of intervention sector, can key principles be operationalized to [1] respect best practices on sustainability approaches, [2] build rather than decrease social capital, and [3] build collective competency and adaptive capacity within communities while organizing these communities toward the achievement of development objectives. In other words, how can beneficiary communities be more fundamentally owner communities?
Resource Date:01-Jan-11
Contact Person:Sharon Arscott-Mills
Related Topics:  Track 2: Global Challenges (food sec, adapt, GCC)
 Track 3: Complex Systems
 Climate Change – Food Security
 Community Capacity
 Health Outcomes
 Organizational Capacity