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Resource Name:Localization of Health Systems - Globalization & Health Journal
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Short Desc:Interesting paper by Sarah Dalglish, Melissa Poulsen, and Peter Winch -- we sometimes think of the environment's impact on health, and less on health systemss impact on the environment. This paper looks at the next level of sustainability questions, closes the loop and proposes a localization approach to health systems: "Localization assigns people at the local level a greater role in the production of goods and services, thereby decreasing reliance on fossil fuels and other external inputs. Effective localization will require changes to governance structures within the health sector in LMICs, empowering local communities to participate in their own health in ways that have remained elusive since this goal was first put forth in the Alma-Ata Declaration on Primary Health Care in 1978."
Resource Date:07-Oct-13
Contact Person:Peter Winch
Related Topics:  Human Development
 Health/Basic Services
 Public Sector
 Community Capacity
 Climate Change – Food Security
 Global Development
 Health systems strengthening
 Health systems financing
 Political participation
 Track 1: Sustain. in Community Health
 Track 2: Global Challenges (food sec, adapt, GCC)