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Resource Name:Navigating Complexity: Adaptive Management at the Northern Karamoja Growth, Health, and Governance Program
File:click to download: Adaptive_Management_Oct2014.pdf
Resource Type:Report
Short Desc:The attached paper by Engineers Without Borders Canada under contract with Mercy Corps (MC) is a case-study regarding adaptive management practices within Mercy Corps’ (USAID-funded) project, Growth, Health & Governance Program (GHG). The paper covers building the culture necessary for learning and adaptation, discusses some tools and processes that support adaptation, and some implications for funders and practitioners. Throughout the document, culture is emphasized as the most important factor to be successful in adaptive management and provides strategies and attitudes deemed necessary in achieving this culture. The tools and processes are presented with the purpose of reinforcing the described culture. One of the tools, the Results Chain, is an interesting way of conceptualizing the path to reaching the goals of the project and is similar to a results framework.
Resource Date:01-Oct-14
Contact Person:Matthew Dettman
Related Topics:  Track 2: Global Challenges (food sec, adapt, GCC)
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