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Resource Name:What factors affect sustained adoption of safe water, hygiene, and sanitation technologies?
File:click to download: What_factors_affect_sustained_adoption_of_safe_water,_hygiene_and_sanitation_technologies_Chapter5_Draft_2014nov20.pdf
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Short Desc:This chapter from the ePPI Centre (University of London) discusses the main findings of a literature review as well as the strengths and limitations of their methodology looking at factors impacting sustained adoption of safe water, hygiene, and sanitation technologies. They then discuss the larger implications for policies and programs to promote WASH technologies and behaviors. The findings of this review imply a need for direction and leadership in guiding the research agenda on sustained adoption of WASH technologies. They discuss the steps necessary in examining sustained adoption including setting intentions, planning and funding assessments of long-term behavior change; executing robust interventions that clearly define intervention activities and metrics for assessment; and interpreting and disseminating of these findings.
Resource Date:20-Nov-14
Contact Person:Eric Sarriot
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 Track 2: Global Challenges (food sec, adapt, GCC)
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