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Resource Name:Presentation - Dynamic Sustainability Framework: addressing the paradox of ‘sustainment’ amid ongoing change
File:click to download: Dynamic_Sustainability_Framework-Presentation.pdf
Resource Type:Peer-reviewed publication
Short Desc:This presentation reviews the recent paper "The dynamic sustainability framework: addressing the paradox of sustainment amid ongoing change" by David A Chambers, Russell E Glasgow, and Kurt C Stange. In this paper, the authors propose a Dynamic Sustainability Framework that involves: continued learning and problem solving, ongoing adaptation of interventions with a primary focus on fit between interventions and multi-level contexts, and expectations for ongoing improvement as opposed to diminishing outcomes over time.
Resource Date:02-Oct-13
Contact Person:Sharon Arscott-Mills
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 Track 3: Complex Systems
 Health systems strengthening
 Organizational Capacity
 Organizational Viability