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Resource Name:Expecting the unexpected: applying the Develop-Distort Dilemma to maximize positive market impacts in health
File:click to download: Expecting_the_unexpected-_Develop-distort_dilemma_-_Health_Policy_Plan.-2012-David_Peters_Ligia_Paina.pdf
Resource Type:Article
Short Desc:Although health interventions start with good intentions to develop services for disadvantaged populations, they often distort the health market, making the delivery or financing of services difficult once the intervention is over: a condition called the ‘Develop-Distort Dilemma’ (DDD). In this paper, we describe how to examine whether a proposed intervention may develop or distort the health market. Our goal is to produce a tool that facilitates meaningful and systematic dialogue for practitioners and researchers to ensure that well-intentioned health interventions lead to productive health systems while reducing the undesirable distortions of such efforts.
Resource Date:17-Aug-12
Contact Person:Eric Sarriot
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