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Resource Name:Sustainability Framework Workshop for the Malaria Communities Program
File:click to download: Malaria Communities Program Sustainability Workshop Design(12-6-08).pdf
Resource Type:Tool
Short Desc:This workshop was designed to help the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC) and Nkhoma Relief and Development (NRD) apply the Sustainability Framework to the Malaria Communities Program (MCP) funded by USAID. This workshop will expand the vision of MCP beyond that of traditional health project planning. In traditional health project planning there is an exclusive emphasis on the health outcomes and the health services delivery improvements needed to achieve them. In addition to these two components, the Sustainability Framework also requires that planners think about the underpinnings that will support these gains during the project period and beyond; these additional components include the capacity and viability of local organizations, community capacity and the environment in which this local system is situated. The higher the level of attainment for each of the components, the greater the chance of sustaining the health gains made during the project period. Ultimately, the Sustainability Framework will help MCP to plan and manage its interventions by thinking systematically of the essential components that will support the long-term maintenance of health outcomes.
Resource Date:01-Jan-07
Contact Person:Will Story
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 Community Capacity
 Health Outcomes
 Health/Basic Services
 Organizational Capacity
 Organizational Viability